Y - Drill

A drill designed to break with the stereotypical image of power tools.

The goal for this project was to create a drill that is friendly enough to be kept in a kitchen drawer, and doesn’t feel like it belongs in a toolbox when not in use. If we create user- friendlier tools, people will be more inclined to fix the things they own, and create new ones.

Instead of looking at the drill as a tool by itself, Y sees it as the basis for a variety of tools, all based on circular motion. This means it doesn't matter if you want a hole in your wall or if you want your tiles to shine, with this tool you can do it all.

Y is made up of the handle, which includes the motor, gearbox modules and bit modules. You can combine those to create a tool that is truly universal. Do you need a concrete drill? Just snap it on. Do you live in a wooden house? Maybe you don't need that concrete gearbox after all.

These attachments make it possible to turn Y into a polishing tool, a mixer, a power brush, and into a drill to get through just about everything.