Cooking without Boundaries

A more social and environmentally friendly kitchen

Cooking used to be done behind closed doors, but nowadays it's not uncommon to see it as the heart of our homes. That thought was the starting point for this concept.

The center is a large ceramic countertop that doubles as an induction cooktop. One can place pans and pots across the whole surface, and a smart system will recognize them and heat them up.
This kitchen is also very environmentally friendly because the integrated vertical garden makes buying and transporting vegetables and spices unnecessary.

A lot of different smart ideas add up to creating a kitchen that is unlike any other. While the ceramic countertop is the center of the kitchen, it made it possible to redesign many other aspects too, like a sink accessible from both sides of the island, an oven that can be used remotely or a virtual recipe book that deeply integrates into the kitchen.

Creating a kitchen that works radically different than what we are used to brings new challenges, and we wanted to explore those. So after jotting down a first concept, we tried it out. We borrowed some portable induction cooktops and cooked a meal in a group of four.
The insights we gained were invaluable, and they directly led us to reconsider where we placed our sink, and how the induction surface should behave.